WATCH: US Administration Statement

Here is my statement on how the US Trump administration is graduating from “post-truth”, to “post human-rights”. I am proud that Europe is standing up to Trump's regime.


I recently visited Washington with a human rights delegation of Socialists and Democrats MEPS. 

Developing strong relationships with our Democrat brothers and sisters in the US is vital, and so is navigating our future 'special relationship' with America as an important trade and diplomatic partner.

We cannot ignore the importance of this relationship to our economy or to international relations, not just between our two countries but in the impact it has globally. But that 'special relationship' also puts us in a unique position - and therefore gives us a unique responsibility - to challenge the US administration on its protectionist trade policies and the manifest human rights abuses it permits, and even orchestrates, on its own soil.

Across most of the West, the left and centre-left are in opposition against increasingly right-wing Parties. Now more than ever, Social Democrats, Labour members and Democrats must stand shoulder to shoulder to combat the politics of hate and division, of social and economic inequality. 

After Brexit, the UK will be looking to America as a major trading partner. What will a US trade deal look like? We know how Trump operates. We know that protectionism is on the rise, we know that Trump doesn’t care about environmental standards or workers’ rights. We know that our negotiating hand will be weakened by standing apart from the 500-million strong EU consumer bloc. 

I was proud to be a part of the human rights delegation to Washington, and to meet our democrat brother and sisters. In the years to come, as we risk Donald Trump dictating the terms of a trade agreement between our two countries and pushing through even more regressive social policies in the states, the relationship between the Left and centre-left on both sides of the Atlantic will only become more important.