Wajid Khan becomes North West's newest MEP

Wajid Khan has become the North West’s newest MEP.

Wajid joins Thesea Griffin and Julie Ward as the region’s Labour MEPs.

Born and bred in Burnley, Wajid campaigned for election in the 2014 European elections. He became an MEP after a by-election in Manchester Gorton saw the departure of his predecessor, Afzal Khan, who now sits in the UK Parliament.

Taking on the role after the UK’s referendum vote to leave the European Union, Wajid has vowed to use his new position to raise awareness and understanding of Brexit.

Wajid said:

“I want to make sure that the North West gets the best possible deal; one which protects jobs and workers’ rights. It is vital that we protect the interests of UK businesses, especially smaller businesses which employ millions of people in our region and rely heavily on trade relations with the EU and its trade partners.

“The UK voted for Brexit, but nobody voted to damage our economy, lose trade deals and risk jobs and living standards. This wasn’t a vote to sign away workers’ rights and human rights. I will strive to hold this Government to account throughout the negotiations, and to keep people in the North West up to date and informed on the process”.

Wajid brings more than 15 years’ experience in Higher Education to his new role as an MEP. A former senior lecturer and course leader at the University of Central Lancashire, he has promised to champion youth empowerment and access to quality education. He will sit on the Economic and Monetary Affairs committee, as well as the Arab Peninsula and South Asia delegations.