David Davis' resignation makes case for People's Vote even stronger


Responding to the news of Davis’ resignation, Wajid Khan MEP said:

“Theresa May has shown no leadership on negotiations, and now she has shown she cannot lead her own Brexiteer cabinet.

“If David Davis is right about one thing, it’s that the deal reached at Chequers would make the UK a vassal state. Instead of “taking back control” Theresa May wants to “give back control” by continuing to take Brussels’ rules but having no say in them. But Davis is wrong in claiming that simply walking away would be the better option for our country. He and his hard-Brexit allies are willing to sacrifice everything for their own intra-Cabinet running battles.  

“From businesses like Airbus and BMW, to healthcare unions and people I meet every day - this country is sick of being held hostage by some backwards Brexiteers. It’s time for Theresa May to promise the British people a People’s Vote so that we can have a final say on the Brexit deal.

“This government has shown its incompetence in managing Brexit, and even in managing its own infighting. A People’s Vote is a sensible check on the deal, and it puts the deal back where it belongs - in the hands of the British public. It is a chance to measure the endless promises made by politicians, against how much it will actually address the issues that motivated them to cast their vote one way or another.

“The People’s Vote campaign has motivated people from all political backgrounds to unite around a simple idea - that the final Brexit deal is important enough that people deserve the chance to vote on the final say. If the debacle after Chequers tells us anything, it’s that we cannot leave it to the Conservative Government. The British people must have the final say.”