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I am a Member of European Parliament for the North West of England, which covers Lancashire, Cumbria, Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

I can help residents in the North West on issues relating to EU Law. These are laws mainly relating to: trade and the Single Market, EU citizenship rights, environmental protection, consumer protection and employment rights. 

MEPs' main role is debating and voting on European laws. We have no power in relation to local authorities (councils) or the UK Parliament in Westminster. Unfortunately this means I cannot meaningfully assist you if you need help with the following:

  • Housing, planning permission, social care or local schools, or other council services. For help with these issues, get in touch with your local council here or find your ward councillors' contact details here.
  • Matters relating to UK government departments, such as benefits or Home Office cases, or concerns about the implementation of EU law by the UK government. For this, please contact your constituency MP - find them here.
  • Legal issues (including cases concerning the European Court of Human Rights); I am not in a position to get involved or advise you on legal cases in any way, and I would advise you to contact a qualified legal professional.

If you live in the North West and you would like to talk to me or my team about an issue relating to EU law, please use the contact form below.

Alternatively, you can email