About Wajid


Wajid Khan became Labour’s newest North West Member of European Parliament in June 2017.  He sits on the Economy and Monetary Affairs committee, as well as the Arab Peninsula and South Asia delegations. His main policy interests include workers’ rights, youth empowerment, human rights, and Brexit.

Before becoming an MEP, Wajid was a senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire for 12 years, and a course leader in community leadership for 11 years.

Prior to this, Wajid worked in the voluntary sector with young offenders, as well as teaching education programmes for homeless young people. The Burnley race riots in 2001 inspired Wajid to develop a number of community cohesion projects, which gained him the Higher Education Active Community Fund (HEACF) Volunteering Award for social and community cohesion in 2004.

Wajid’s work in community development has seen him address the Civil G8 on inclusive education in Moscow, and advised the Russian Ministry of Education and Science on developing youth strategies.

He has contributed to European-wide ‘Volunteurope’ conferences in Germany, France, Poland, Bosnia and Italy.

Within the UK, Wajid has developed higher education programmes to increase academic participation amongst women in the south Asian community.  Wajid has directed international leadership conferences in Oman, Turkey, Pakistan and the USA and has represented the University of Central Lancashire in collaborative projects with Russian NGOs.

Wajid is an alumni of both of HRH Prince Charles leadership initiatives: Mosaic international Leadership Programme as well as Oxford Young Muslim Leadership Programme.

The son of a taxi driver and house wife, Wajid was born in Burnley, Lancashire, where he continues to live with his wife and two children. Wajid has served as a Labour councillor and Burnley Council cabinet member. He also serves on the Labour Party National Policy Forum and International Policy Commission, in addition to serving on the North West regional board.